CanHaptics Project Iteration 1: Setting up the Canvas

An ‘art’ created while playing with tooltips



Linnea’s sketch made using the 10 x 10 approach
Marco penned down interactive UI elements
I worked on the interactive elements and haptic feedback sketches
Thematically grouped ideas discussed during team brainstorming and faculty meeting (Miro Board Link)

Haptic Guidance

Haptic Guidance Ideas
One of Marco’s explorations where the level of damping increases when you get close to a wall.

Haptic Richness

different texture ideas were drawn during brainstorming
haptic texture demo (code)

Setting Up First Sketching Prototype

modified maze.txt file
a simple coloring sketch
if (true) {
angle += 5;
float val = cos(radians(angle)) * 12.0;
for (int a = 0; a < 360; a += 75) {
float xoff = cos(radians(a)) * val;
float yoff = sin(radians(a)) * val;
ellipse((corr_posEE.x)*40 + xoff, (corr_posEE.y)*40 + yoff, val, val);
ellipse((corr_posEE.x)*40, (corr_posEE.y)*40, 2, 2);
the tool shows the overlaid ‘tracing’ element but leaving no traces (code)
void draw() {
/* put graphical code here, runs repeatedly at defined framerate in setup, else default at 60fps: */
if (renderingForce == false) {
public void b1(int theValue) {
tooltip = button_img[0];
haplyAvatar = loadImage(tooltip);
haplyAvatar.resize((int)(hAPI_Fisica.worldToScreen(tooltipsize)), (int)(hAPI_Fisica.worldToScreen(tooltipsize)));
Playing with different visual tooltips (code). Which one is your favorite?

User Interface Designing

How can we move between bounded areas?
Linnea added a color panel and keyboard controls to move the cursor across bounding boxes

What didn’t go quite right?

What are the next steps?