CanHaptics Lab 4: Controlled actuation using PID

PID Control GUI


The Start

Playing with Control Parameters

Nudging the end-effector while tweaking the proportional gain
Nudging the end-effector while tweaking the derivative gain
Tuning Proportional Gain, P = 0.04 seems to work best
Tuning Derivative Gain, D between 1.60 to 1.80 seems to work best
Tuned PID controller

Changing Looptime and Smoothing Factor

Changing loop time value and observing the changes
Changing smoothing values and observing the changes

Path Tracking

Circle Equation in Polar Coordinates (ref)
Tracing circles of different radius

What didn’t go quite right?

“What I am doing wrong?” stage
“How should I get this back to normal?” stage
“Why is it not working by itself?” stage